Sources for Film Funding

Film is a business like any other business and thus the vast majority of financing solutions available to most businesses are available to media producers as well. That said, the following companies specialize in film funding.

  • FilmFundingLA (Business Finance for Media Companies at Any Stage
    (In the Interest of Full Disclosure – FilmFundingLA frequently sponsors film industry events offered by NancyFultonMeetups. )
  • Catapult Documentary Film Grants
  • Bondit (Gap Financing/Monetizing Minimum Guarantees, Tax Credits, and Rebates)
  • (Equity Crowdfunding/Investors for Film)
  • Fractured Atlas (Fiscal Sponsorship)
  • (Sell your Film, Web Series, Documentary, TV Shows after they are finished to buyers in over 150 countries & get advances on the amounts people agree to pay you.)
  • In addition to these resources you can use Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdtilt, Hatchfund to do crowd funding.

Reference & Support Materials for Filmmakers Seeking Funding: If you don’t know how to develop, package, produce, or distribute a film or web series profitably, you will find the following resources very useful. They don’t cost much and they can make producing your film vastly easier.

Just a heads up, if you want to work with SAG/AFTRA (professional actors and actresses) you have to sign a SAG/AFTRA contract. Important! If you only plan to distribute your film online via Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, etc, then you should be doing a New Media Agreement or you’ll pay much higher talent costs and residual costs.  Many people, for no rational reason, do the Ultra Low Budget agreement which translates into much higher budgets and projects that are much harder to fund. If you don’t know the difference between these agreements you can contact SAG/Aftra.  You shouldn’t try to come up with a budget on your own. Alternatively, hire a professional like producer who has produced projects similar to yours and discuss the contracts with him.  It’s always best to interview multiple line producers before making a decision . . .

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