About This Site

Nancy Fulton, founder of NancyFultonMeetups, supports 10,000+ writers, screenwriters, filmmakers, actor/producers, and creative entrepreneurs through weekly face-to-face and conference call events.

“I created this site to provide the answers to the questions people ask most often. You can spend years looking for the wrong kind of money and you can go broke if you acquire money on terms that are incorrect for your stage of business. With the right ‘primer’ up front, you avoid a lot of delays, mistakes, and expensive hassles.” — Nancy Fulton

  • Take a few moments to review the links on the Funding Solutions page which reviews which kind of funding options work best for companies at different stages.  A new production company developing its first ultra low budget film needs a completely different solution than a film production company with a film or two already for sale worldwide. A first time app developer raising money to create their first release needs a different kind of funding from an company that already has a free app in the AppStore or GooglePlay and ten thousand downloads.
  • Once you have a solid understanding of all your funding options, and all the ways you can raise money for your projects, you are in a position to acquire funding on the right terms from several providers.
  • Questions? There’s one-to-one help available here.

Remember that you must always work with the appropriate lawyers, financial advisors, and tax experts as you fund and build your business.